Lab Ethernet Testing – 400G and Beyond

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400G changed everything.  Speed and physics created testing complexities that require a new approach. 

Led by Dr. Paul Brooks, technology expert for VIAVI Optical Transport solutions, this webinar explores the state of Ethernet today from 100G all the way to 3.2Tb, and introduces key differentiating factors that change the way we test.  It takes a close look at new 400G themes like PAM4 and FEC coding—and the importance of understanding FEC margin and error fingerprint to be sure systems can scale reliably at increasingly higher speeds across tens of thousands of deployments.  Module management (CMIS) as well as power and cooling are also addressed.

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Many other subjects are also covered in this webinar:

  • Breakdown of the 400G Ethernet stack
  • Form factors and optics for 400G
  • Importance of physical layer data path integrity
  • The PCS layer
  • FEC errors deep dive
  • The secret to getting stable and robust 400GbE

Finally, Brooks highlights significant VIAVI investment to provide the proper mix of applications to scale with continual technology advances and the complete product development cycle—from chips and module development, to hardware integration and production testing, all the way through to deployment.