5G and Avionics Technologies Harmonization eBook

The use of the C-band for 5G has raised concerns in the aviation industry regarding possible interference with aircraft radio altimeters.

Radio altimeters are designed to generate data for other safety equipment on the plane, including navigation instruments, terrain awareness, and collision-avoidance systems. These sensitive avionic devices could be susceptible to RF interference, creating concern that they might provide wrong readings or not function at all.

The effects of interference are diverse, ranging from 5G Multi-Carrier Operations to Open Fronthaul and Cybersecurity Concerns. One thing is certain: aviation safety cannot be compromised, and all risk should be diligently minimized.

Building Resiliency between Airline Operations and 5G

This paper aims to provide awareness of the potential impacts of 5G on public safety, and how to manage such an impact operationally.

Download the eBook to find out how to detect and mitigate potential interferences through testing and adjusting 5G networks’ influence on RADALT systems before live deployment.

With experience in both 5G/beyond5G and avionics technologies, VIAVI can support both industries, global organizations, and government regulators to restore confidence of Radio Altimeters in 5G Zones.

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