5G Basics

Watch the recording of this 5G Webinar, part of the Command the Network VIAVI Spring/Summer 2020 educational webinar series.

In this webinar you will see how 5G technology is driving major changes — from highly flexible radio access network (RAN) architecture and 3D beamforming active antennas, to software-defined network components — with stringent timing and latency requirements. The combination of new infrastructure features and functions, such as millimeter wave (mm-Wave) utilization and massive MIMO, that provides a pathway to incredible performance enhancements. These expected enhancements will rely on multiple elements performing seamlessly in tandem, introducing much greater complexity than previous generations.

For the past two years, VIAVI Solutions has been actively involved with the first commercial deployments of 5G technology in mm-Wave frequencies and sub-6GHz bands.

This webinar includes an introduction to the main technical features of 5G NR signals that are relevant to validate the overall performance of these new networks in the lab and in the field.

This webinar is presented by VIAVI experts; Ahmed Anan and Ben Lavasani.

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