Multi-wavelength Approach to Mobile Vital Sign Monitoring

The VIAVI Hyperspectral Filter Array (HFA)

Vital signs are a primary indicator of health and fitness but are commonly measured only periodically at a doctor's office.  Continuous vital sign monitoring, for example, by a wearable device, can significantly supplement health status information and lead to better health outcomes. Heart rate (HR), blood pressure (BP) and blood oxygen (SpO ) form the cornerstone for assessing health status.  Simultaneous, hassle-free assessment of these parameters, or vital signs, at home will help improve health for chronically and acutely ill patients.

The VIAVI Hyperspectral Filter Array (HFA) technology allows for chip-scale spectroscopic sensors to be embedded in consumer facing devices.

HFA technology enables multi-wavelength optical sensor technology to improve simultaneous acquisition of HR, BP and reflectance SpO . HFA technology can further be applied to determine additional important physiological and biochemical parameters like respiratory rate, blood gases, electrolytes, and hydration.

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