Why Burst Testing is The Perfect Complement to Traditional Ethernet Testing
Watch the recording of this webinar, where VIAVI experts discuss how to add burst testing to get a more complete picture of your network’s transmission performance and examine how burst testing with RFC 2544, Y.1564, & RFC 6349 provides an accurate picture of how the network is functioning both at Layers 2&3 but also at Layer 4, the layer where end-users are streaming video, accessing web-based resources, etc.
Topics covered:
  • Differences between constant bit rate traffic and burst traffic
  • Operation of policers and shapers in the presence of bursty traffic
  • How to add burst testing to your business services test suite with RFC 2544, Y.1564 & RFC 6349 TrueSpeed

Presented by:
  • Michael Bangert, Senior Product Manager @VIAVI Solutions
  • Barry Constantine, Principal Member Technical Staff @VIAVI Solutions

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