VIAVI Solutions Reference Guide to Fiber Optic Testing, Volume 1

The industry standard for understanding fiber test challenges, standards, and processes

Competitive market pressures demand that service providers continuously upgrade and maintain their networks to ensure the delivery of higher-speed, higher-quality applications and services to customers.  The eternally expanding requirements placed on broadband-enabling systems raises the level of testing, accuracy, and precision required on the fiber infrastructure to support these new services. VIAVI reduces the complexity around these network architectures and this book makes them easier to test.

The VIAVI Solutions Reference Guide to Fiber Optic Testing vol.1 is aimed at fiber optic installers, project managers, technicians and engineers that need to understand, apply, and correctly measure and record the performance of fiber infrastructures.

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This volume reviews the basics in systems, standards, and network architectures and focuses on how to make the most of Optical Time Domain Reflectometers (OTDRs) to install, turn-up, and maintain fiber optic networks.

The book covers:
  • Basic system and fiber infrastructure design
  • Basic fiber infrastructure testing
  • Basic OTDR testing
  • Advanced OTDR testing
Reference Guide to Fiber Optic Testing
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