VIAVI Solutions Reference Guide to Fiber Optic Testing, Volume 2

The industry standard for understanding fiber test challenges, standards, and processes

*Looking for the basics? Start with Volume 1 instead.

A steadily increasing demand for transmission capacity forces service providers to upgrade their networks periodically to higher data rates or a higher number of wavelengths in dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) systems. However, before such upgrades can be made, operators must verify that the deployed fiber infrastructure meets certain performance and reliability requirements. VIAVI reduces the complexity around these network upgrades validations and this book explains the tests required.

The VIAVI Solutions Reference Guide to Fiber Optic Testing vol.2 is aimed at fiber optic installers, project managers, technicians and engineers that need to understand, apply, and correctly measure and record the performance of fiber infrastructures.
This volume reviews basics of the three main Fiber Characterization parameters as well as associated methods for measurement and reporting. The book covers: Fiber Characterization

  • Chromatic Dispersion (CD) – definition, cause, effects & measurement
  • Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) – definition, cause, effects & measurement
  • Attenuation Profile (AP) – definition & measurement
  • Characterizing fiber links and networks – definition, measurement & reporting

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