Aircraft Fuel Quantity Indicator Systems:

How to Detect Contamination on Fuel Probes

Original Webinar Date: September 21, 2023

Watch this webinar recording to learn why contaminated fuel probes are a key issue for the aircraft industry, and the failure of a Fuel Quantity Indicator System (FQIS) is not limited to expensive aircraft downtime and maintenance.
How to Detect Contamination on Fuel Probes - Graphic
Organic growth and contaminated fuel are the primary causes of contaminated fuel probes. Other FQIS issues include electrical connection problems and damaged probes mainly due to corrosion and vibration.
On this webinar we discussed:

  • Overview of FQIS and fuel system components
  • Aircraft fuel quantity system measurements
  • How to minimize downtime and maintenance costs with FQIS fuel test equipment 
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