Threat & Performance Management: 2 Key Data Sources

How Insight into Network Activity Enables SecOps and NetOps Collaboration

On-Demand Webinar Recording

Many of us show up for work on Monday and immediately find ourselves immersed in the analysis of possible threats or performance problems. Much like a scavenger hunt, sometimes the information we’re looking for is close by, even obvious *if* you know where and how to look.

You need the right view of suspicious behavior, and end-user experience, in order to validate the issue, understand the scope and impact, and isolate the problem domain. Learn about how you can use two well known, but often under-utilized data sources that can help you succeed in your hunt for answers.

This session includes a live demonstration of how these data sources, combined with advanced and automated analysis techniques, can help SecOps and NetOps teams to collaborate more effectively.
Key takeaways include:

  • How to leverage data you already have that may be hiding in plain sight
  • How network and security teams can effectively collaborate to track down root cause
  • What type of data is best for different hunting and troubleshooting scenarios

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