MicroNIR™ for Real-time Blending Optimization

Blend uniformity testing has traditionally been a laborious and time-consuming process. NIR spectroscopy can monitor the blending process in real time to determine the optimum end-point, thereby reducing effort, time, and cost while improving process understanding. The MicroNIR™ PAT-W from VIAVI Solutions monitors tumble blending continuously in real time, with no need to stop the blender for sample withdrawal and further laboratory analysis. In the pharmaceutical industry, the direct monitoring approach based on PAT (Process Analytical Technology) enables the implementation of QbD (Quality by Design), which is now encouraged by the FDA.

VIAVI MicroNIR™ systems enable pharmaceutical, CDMO and nutraceutical industries to readily implement QbD/PAT from R&D to full-scale manufacturing. The VIAVI MicroNIR systems offer: 

  • Continuous monitoring at the speed of your process   
  • Regulatory compliance, fast ROI, and low Cost of Ownership 
  • Rugged design to withstand standard and hazardous location installations

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