Observer Apex - Generates dashboard views incorporating an end-user experience (EUE) score on every transaction using packet and active test data for remote users, on-premises and SaaS resources to support optimal service availability and fast network troubleshooting.

Observer GigaFlow - Integrates network, infrastructure, and user data into a single enriched flow record captured and retained over time. It provides in-depth details on network device types, connectivity, traffic control, and usage patterns in a single view down to the individual user/host level.

Observer GigaStor - GigaStor serves as the source of packet insights while also storing them for back-in-time analysis. Navigate to the exact moment of the service anomaly to see detailed, packet-level views before, during, and after the occurrence.

ObserverOne - Delivers the powerful security and performance insights of the entire Observer 3D platform in a single upgradable appliance offering great network observability at a modest price point and minimal footprint.

Observer 3D Platform - Fully integrated, highly scalable network performance monitoring solution providing visibility into critical KPIs through pre-defined workflows from high-level dashboards to service anomaly root cause.

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