Threat Exposure Management

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Discover VIAVI Observer Sentry's advanced capabilities in a live demo. Our Threat Exposure Management (TEM) solution offers comprehensive analysis, modeling, and visualization tailored for AWS and EKS cloud environments. With our agentless approach, proactively identify exposures, misconfigurations, and vulnerabilities in your cloud environments.  

Gain detailed insights with VPC Flow Log-driven traffic analysis. Our integration of exposure and vulnerability findings with traffic visibility enables you to view your cloud environment through the eyes of potential attackers, transforming the way you understand and react to threats by bridging the gap from potential exposures to actual incidents, delivering the essential visibility needed to protect your cloud resources. 
Schedule your demo today and get answers to key questions about your AWS environment's security posture: 
✅ How is my AWS environment vulnerable from an attacker's perspective?  

✅ Where are the critical misconfigurations?  

✅ What attack paths are exploitable?  

✅ Which cloud assets are most at risk?  

✅ Where are settings too permissive?  

✅ How should I prioritize risk mitigation efforts? 
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