Quickly Locate RF Interference Sources with Advanced Interference Hunting Techniques

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With RF spectrum proliferation, interference issues are inevitable. Interference can reduce coverage, capacity, and throughput by desensitizing receivers, increasing noise floors, and lowering signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). All of this has a major impact on user QoE as well as an operator’s ROI on RF investments.

The most challenging aspect of interference hunting is locating the source of interference, especially in urban environments where reflection and multipath can cause confusion in pinpointing the location. Having the right tools and experience plays a vital role in interference hunting.

RF interference can be a headache for RF engineers but hunting for interference should not be. In this webinar, we discussed a streamlined approach for detecting, identifying, and locating interference, using the most efficient tools and processes available.

VIAVI Experts: Ahmed Anan, Director of Sales, and Gilles Le Breton, Wireless Solution Specialist

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