Reducing RF Leakage

Learn more than 10 ways to keep your transponder quiet.

Today, there is an inherent issue with ground testing of an aircraft fitted with an ADS-B transponder. Since an ADS-B transponder automatically reports its position, this presents a problem for TCAS or ADS-B In equipped aircraft when testing above field elevation, especially around congested airspace. As a result, the FAA issued SAFO 17002 in 2017 to follow proper procedures and use antenna shielding to prevent test signals propagation.

VIAVI Antenna Couplers are highly effective at reducing radiated power and provide greater than 20dB of attenuation. However, there are a few things that can be done to further limit RF leakage such as:

  • Using a second antenna coupler for diversity systems
  • Shutting off or using couplers on redundant systems
  • Keeping hangar doors closed during testing

But what if your local ADS-B ground station continues to pick up your tests and rebroadcast to ATC and nearby aircraft?
Download our latest whitepaper on Reducing RF Leakage Using VIAVI Solutions Antenna Couplers and learn how to maximize attenuation and avoid interference with ATC and nearby aircraft.

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