On-Demand Webcast: Security Forensics & Threat Hunting - Uncovering Actionable Events

A Security Weekly Webcast Sponsored by VIAVI Solutions

In this webcast, we will cover ways to discover malicious activity in your network. While there are many sources of information, the network remains one of the most reliable as, at some point, attacks must use the network to communicate. Joff Thyer and Matt Alderman will provide an overview of analyzing DNS events and other sources to discover subtle attacks against your infrastructure.

Then, Charles Thompson from VIAVI will help guide you on this journey and cover some good places to start, how to perform threat hunting and figure out what happened during a security event. Once you determine what happened the next question usually surrounds the impact of the breach, just how deep the intrusion was and what data was compromised. Charles will demonstrate how VIAVI Solutions is positioned to help you answer these questions and more.

This webinar covers:
  • Analyzing DNS events and other sources to discover attacks against your network
  • Covering ways to discover malicious activity in your network
  • How to perform threat hunting

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