StrataSync Account Request

With a StrataSync account, you will be able to manage inventory, test results, and performance data anywhere with browser-based ease.

Complete the form to apply for a StrataSync account and StrataSync user login credentials*

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*This form is for new account requests.  If your company has an existing account that is actively managed by company administrators, your request may be forwarded to them for user account creation and/or approval or you may be directed to contact your company administrators for logon credentials. If you know your company has existing StrataSync administrators, please contact them for access.

Each customer is assigned a StrataSync account and account ID. Organizations within the customer's company may be assigned into a sub organization within the main account if requested or per customer policy.

StrataSync accounts are granted to VIAVI customers with a VIAVI Customer Account Number, or upon request from your VIAVI certified Partner or Reseller. If your company is not a currently a VIAVI customer, please contact your VIAVI Sales associate for assistance in obtaining a customer account number.

You will receive an email from the StrataSync system containing your username, your StrataSync account ID number, and a temporary password. You will be required to change the password upon first login.