Network Observability Enables Modern Infrastructure:

Use Case #1, Capacity Planning

Digital organizations need to build a comprehensive picture of network operations based on hard data from all key components. But because human data integration and analytic activities can’t keep pace with the amount of information being generated, automated and intelligent processes are more expedient. No business today can afford to spend hours or days identifying problems. Intelligent automation is necessary.

Solving the network observability challenge requires two things: The ability to gather critical data across all key network elements, as well as intelligent and actionable analytics and KPIs.

The critical step is moving from “what to know” to “what to do.”

This paper will focus on network capacity planning where you will learn why you need current and forward-looking network capacity planning right now driven by:

  • Cloud migration and corresponding increasing network complexity
  • The modern digital enterprise including IoT, remote/hybrid work, and more
  • Expanding customer-facing digital systems that drive business success

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