Timing and Synchronization in TDD Networks

Synchronization is one of the most critical functions of a communication system. In the context of 5G, especially for Time Division Duplex (TDD) where both uplink and downlink transmission is on the same frequency, the possibility of interference is much more significant. As a result, we see more stringent requirements for timing and synchronization for both TDD LTE and 5G-NR. 
Explore this infographic for a quick look at why timing and synchronization are vital for 5G-NR TDD network success and complete the form to download our comprehensive handbook.  It covers the following topics and more. 

  • Spectrum Pros and Cons
  • Understanding the TDD Slot Format
  • Synchronization and Its Importance
  • Challenges in 5G Fronthaul
  • Testing Timing and Synchronization for 5G
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