Webinar Series 2: Transition to a Fiber-Rich Network

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This webinar series was created by VIAVI Solutions fiber experts to support your transition to a fiber-rich network. Sessions cover individual topics and do not need to be watched chronologically. 

Did you miss the Webinar Series 1? Topics include: Efficient Deployment of FTTH/PON Networks, Optical Fiber Monitoring to Reduce MTTR and Dispatch to Fix - Not Find, Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM) - Technologies and Tools for Successful Deployment, and MPO Challenges Dealing with Multi-fiber Connectors and Cables.

Webinar: Automating Workflow Test Processes
Learn tips on why test procedures may fail, ideas on process design elements, successfully setting up your organization and integrating contract team and real life examples of reporting, compliance and business results.

Webinar: Cut Fiber Test and Certification Times in Half
Learn the reasons to go beyond basic fiber test by including OTDR testing, what the benefits are of doing this bi-bidirectionally, the kind of issues it can find, and critically, how the implementation of bi-directional test in the equipment itself, coupled with the level of automation and workflow, can dramatically reduce test and report generation times. 

Webinar: Optical Fiber Monitoring: Reduce MTTR and Dispatch to Fix, Not Find
Watch highlights on how fiber monitoring improves MTTR and drives down costs using real world examples. 

Webinar: How to Effectively Operationalize DAA
Experts walk through network test and maintenance challenges that DAA has created for operators, discuss best practices observed, and present a framework for how to best mitigate these challenges. 

Webinar: Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing and Monitoring
Replay this in-depth discussion on how fiber sensing can harden your fiber plant and installations and how DFOS can be used to protect valuable fiber and electrical infrastructure to reduce cost and improve risk management using real world examples.

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