Protocol Analysis Enabled by Xgig Analyzer Bifurcation

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Dedicated PCIe Analyzers have historically been assigned to a single user, application and location at a given time.  Additional equipment is often required for more users to perform more tests, resulting in more hardware to purchase and manage. 

Analyzer Port Bifurcation is a software upgrade that divides an analyzer port into multiple independent links allowing users to capture from these separate links simultaneously.  This enables multiple independent tests to be performed on the same analyzer platform.  Analyzer Port Bifurcation can make individual tools more productive, helping accelerate testing and potentially reducing the number of individual instruments needed in the lab.

This 8-page whitepaper explores benefits of Analyzer Port Bifurcation in detail, illustrated with nine practical use cases.
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Simultaneous Multi-User, another software upgrade, is made possible by Analyzer Port Bifurcation. It enables multiple independent users to conduct different simultaneous tests on a single bifurcated analyzer from anywhere in the world via a network connection.  The result is increased device flexibility and a more centralized instrument management model.
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