PCI Express 5.0 Protocol Analysis Testing Solutions

Are you looking for a more flexible and cost-effective PCIe5 testing platform?

If so, you are in the right place!

The VIAVI Xgig® PCI Express® 5.0 Protocol Analysis platform is a fully featured, multi-functional tool designed to support your product’s lifecycle–from silicon spin through quality assurance–for PCIe®, CXL™ and NVMe®.

Its software-driven design accommodates Exerciser and Jammer functions on a single Analyzer chassis, along with Port Bifurcation and Simultaneous Multi-User options as software upgrades. 

That means maximum tool flexibility with less individual, single-function hardware to manage.
Why Xgig for PCIe Protocol Analysis?
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Multiple functions on a single Xgig chassis provides maximum flexibility and productivity
Port Bifurcation and Multi-User software upgrades increase tool productivity